Raising Prophets of Character School of Prophets Class

Raising Prophets of Character School of Prophets Class

  • $175.00

You will find this Class to be both, rewarding and challenging as you give yourself wholly to this Prophetic Encounter and School of Prophets. There are many things to be learned in this venture of faith and the prophetic. Some of which will include, but certainly not limited to:

The New, Improved and 3rd Edition of Raising Prophets of Character

Operation As A 21st Century Prophet

  • Shifting Seasons and  Creating Manifestations
  • The Call of the Prophet
  • Realms of Prophecy
  • Conquering Prophetic Intimidation
  • The Authority of the Prophet
  • Operating In Your Prophetic Gifts, and so much more...

“Let’s Awaken The Prophetic, and demonstrate what God has put on you and in you”.

I have every desire to treat you as one of my “mentees”. Jesus had Peter, James, and John; Paul had Timothy and Silas, and I have you. One of the greatest things Jesus did while on the earth was to give the disciples
a chance to use their gifts and develop them in it.

I want to offer you the same opportunity to partner with me long-term, and use your gifts as we go level-to-level and many places together in God.